Hi, I’m Chris.

I spend my work time exploring data and the geospatial world and thinking of interesting ways to share what I find. Since 2017 I’ve been working at the World Bank Group, on the intersection of data analysis and energy access. It’s a fun mix of of hard data stuff, and harder stakeholder stuff.

In pushing the use of open data in development, I’ve worked extensively with HOT on cool OpenStreetMap work, including a project to map millions of buildings in Tanzania. Recently I’ve worked on broader topics related to finance and technology, and have been lucky enough to work with iRise Hub in Mogadishu.

I’m available for freelance work wherever the topics above meet. Data analysis, energy planning, geospatial work. Even general Python development if it’s something interesting.

Please get in touch via LinkedIn, follow me on GitHub or subscribe to this blog.

Email: [email protected]