My name is Chris and I’m an engineer (because that’s what I studied) from South Africa, working on global development issues (energy and finance). This involves exploring cool techniques in data analysis and modelling, but also working with stakeholders at all levels of various systems.

Since January 2017, I’ve been working at the World Bank*, mostly on off-grid energy solutions in Africa. I’ve been pushing the use of data in energy planning (e.g. the most complete electrical grid map of Africa) and supporting the private sector ecosystem with open data. I’ve also worked extensively with HOT on very exciting OpenStreetMap work, including a project to map several million buildings in Tanzania. In the last year I’ve worked on broader topics related to finance and technology, and have been lucky enough to work with iRise Hub in Mogadishu, and currently have a project on tech-enabled credit scoring in the pipeline.

Apart from this, I spend time exploring data and the geospatial world in Python (and JavaScript when called for) and thinking of interesting ways to present whatever I find.

Mostly, I like to be outside, either in the mountains or in the sea. I’ve documented some of my larger trips on the blog, and currently have a Pacific crossing (by sail) in the mid-term pipeline.

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*Also the IFC, which is part of the World Bank Group, but not part of the World Bank…