This is a work-in-progress...
Cardinality What's South-by-East?
signal-export Tool for exporting Signal chats to Markdown/HTML
leaflet-gsheets Setup to get you going making interactive web maps that pull data from Google Sheets
River Runoff See the upstream watershed and downstream runoff for anywhere on earth
H2Ox We won the WRI Wave2Web Hackathon!
Gridfinder Using satellite imagery to find grid infrastructure. Most of the hard work done by people at Facebook.
Kaggle Third Place An analytics approach to calculating NO2 emissions from satellite imagery
Openelec Open source electrification planning platform
Oxford Pollution Tracking Oxford NO2 and pollution for a week
How Much Couscous A hiking meal planner for couscous and oats
OnSSET Open source electrification planning toolkit
Open Cities AI Challenge Couldn't afford to make my CNN competitive, but I wrote a good essay and won on that instead
leave2remain A simple calculator to help make sure you remain eligible for ILR/naturalisation in the UK
Gulf-Undersea India Techno-economic optimisation of solar and undersea HVDC between the Gulf and India